Family Outdoor Day of Play

Outreach Toolkit

Enjoy this fun guide of classic games for simple outdoor play this summer!


Use chalk to draw a hopscotch pattern on the ground and number each square. Use a rock or beanbag that is good for tossing. The objective of the game is to finish the sequence of numbers first without touching any lines, missing the mark or losing balance.

Jump Rope

– Jump rope rhythms
– Partner jumping
– Double dutch
– Helicopter, Helicopter
– Snake in the grass

Water Balloon Games

Here are a few water balloon games you can play with your family this summer!

– Toss relay
– Hot potato
– Musical chairs
– Dodge ball
– Tag

Playing cards/boardgames

– Uno
– I declare war
– Spades
– Gold fish
– Dominoes
– Checkers
– Chess
– Twister

Classic playground activities

– Swings
– Giant slide
– Seesaw
– Hide and seek
– Red light, green light
– Mother may I
– Simon says

Play ball

Many community parks have courts for playing ball games. An open field is a great place to practice kicking around the ball or playing a game of catch.

– Basketball
– Baseball
– Tennis
– Volleyball
– Handball
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