The Love Forever Movement outreach program aspires to extend kind acts of encouragement and love through initiatives that impact global change.



Ongoing Initiatives

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Be a part of these year-long initiatives to take action to maintain our well-being as a community.

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Outreach Opportunities

Sayles and Sayles Foundation

In honor of brothers, Joseph and Kenneth Sayles, the Sayles & Sayles Foundation aspires to bring awareness and education to heart disease and pediatric cancer.

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Join the Movement

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Everyone has a role to play in the movement to spread love. Join us as a member, volunteer, partner or donor.

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What is Outreach?

Reaching out to those in need! It is an active form of support and encouragement that requires the selfless extend of time, effort and resources.

The Love Forever Movement outreach program, established by On and On Enterprises, was launched to build a community founded on the principles of love; to humble ourselves of selfish acts that cause separation, surrender ourselves to the notion that we are all equal and that the oneness of mind, heart and intention to prosper can not be accomplished alone. We must join together in kindness, understanding and respect to allow our abundance to be a blessing to others, to inform and educate on issues that affect our community and genuinely sow in love to build a better world for all.

It is our desire to be advocates and agents of change. The Love Forever Movement creates opportunities of outreach through volunteering, campaigns and initiatives and connecting with social innovators.

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Since 1993

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