Inhale * Exhale

The Breath Exchange

Breathing is a vital function of life. 

When you breathe in (inhale) your lungs take in oxygen (an important element required to sustain life) from the air. When you breathe out (exhale) carbon dioxide (a waste gas that can be toxic) is removed from your body.

This breath exchange helps your body work properly.

It is key that we exchange harmful physical, social and spiritual habits for beneficial factors.

Just as it is imperative for lungs to move fresh air into and remove wastes out of the body, we too must make a conscious and continual effort to self-examine our lives by inhaling positivity and exhaling negative aspects.

What are you exchanging?

Learn more about The Breath Exchange Initiative and ways to stay lung healthy!

We want to hear from you!

What negativity have you let go of and what positivity have you embraced? Share your inhale * exhale exchanges with us!

Step One

You’ll receive tips on how to prevent lung failure and guides to maintaining a balanced life.

Step two

or share using #TheBreathExchange and you will be entered to win prizes.

Step Three

Encouraging others to join increases their participation in the commitment to heart health.

Tell us about your awesome commitment to LOVE Heart Health! 

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