Love Heart Health Initiative

Matters of the Heart: The heart is the muscle that pumps blood throughout the body to provide us with the necessary nutrients we need to live prosperously. It is the life center of who we are.

Just as the heart is the main essence of a person that keeps them living, our individual values and beliefs – though they may differ – are what keep us functioning as a community.

The Problem

Unfortunately, there are diseases that affect the health of the human heart as well as many conditions that influence our societal and spiritual heart health.

  • Heart failure occurs when your heart isn’t getting enough oxygen or it doesn’t pump blood as well as it should.
  • Plague buildup in the walls of the arteries make it harder for blood to flow through.
  • An abnormal heartbeat can affect how well the heart is functioning and whether or not the heart is able to pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs.
  • Lack of communication and empathy causes a cultural divide in our community that hinders interaction and a harmonious exchange between people.
  • Jealousy and un-forgiveness comprises our integrity and hinders our growth as a community.
  • Prejudice and racism is a powerful stronghold that excretes disrespect, bitterness and hatred and prevents justice and equality from properly flowing throughout our society.
  • Judgement of others instead of extending mercy and compassion causes a strain on spiritual relationships; resulting in lack of trust, rebellion and brokenness.
  • The erratic flow of pride blocks truth; having a haughty and vain spiritual nature creates a wall of deceit and becomes impossible for authenticity to be displayed and received.
  • Being negligent to show honor to self and others pumps doubt and fear throughout the body making it harder for confidence to be embraced.

The Solution

If we want to experience the fullness of life, it is our responsibility to take the necessary steps to prevent heart disease by embracing genuine LOVE for our heart's health and extending the same compassion and care to others. LOVE, being the core principle of living, will cause us to pay better attention to areas of concern and will give us the wisdom and compassion to care for our health.  

Call to Action

Commit to LOVE by caring for your physical, social and spiritual heart’s health!

  • Schedule regular checkups with your physician
  • Make healthy dietary choices
  • Communicate effectively with others
  • Speak out against injustices
  • Never neglect your needs
  • Listen to yourself; know when to rest

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