Kidney Work F.L.O.W.

Fervently Lending Ourselves to Work

To obtain and maintain anything in life, work is an absolute requirement. It may not always have to be hard or strenuous, but it is undoubtedly true that effort is needed to see results.

Just as our kidneys function to cleanse the blood and eliminate impurities in our bodies, we too must work as specialized filters to ensure a healthy balanced life.

What special things do you do to maintain a healthy flow of balanced living?

Learn more about the Kidney Work F.L.O.W. Initiative and ways to stay kidney healthy!

We want to hear from you!

Become a part of our community and tell us how you WORK to keep a healthy FLOW! 

Step One

You’ll receive tips on how to prevent kidney failure and guides to maintaining a balanced life.

Step Two

or share using #KidneyWorkFLOW and you will be entered to win prizes.

Step three

Encouraging others to join increases their participation in the commitment to kidney health.

Tell us about your awesome commitment to LOVE Heart Health! 

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